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Find a planter that matches your personality! From now on, you can easily find a Capi planter, by using the Collection button under Menu. You can, for example, filter the planters by colour or shape.

Be inspired by the various styles that the collections offer! From modern to majestic from robust to rural. This means that you can see at a glance which collection of planters best matches you!

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As you can read above, you can easily create your plant/planter combination. Swipe the planters and plants to the left or right to find the one that is your perfect personal match!

Capi Europe, manufacturer and supplier of contemporary, high-quality pottery

Capi Europe today creates unusual planters for indoors and out. Our products are known for their light weight and unique design, in all shapes and sizes. Are known, too, for their resistance to frost, UV and moisture. But also known for our long warranties and affordability. Each Capi Europe product is unique: recognisable by the high level of finish and the natural allure. Our plastic flower pots are indistinguishable from real pottery.

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