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CO2 neutral Flowerpots

Capi Europe produces designer flower pots in the Netherlands that tell a genuine climate story

The Dutch company Capi Europe has been awarded the CO2 Neutral® Product label for its climate-neutral production methods. Every flower pot from the Made in Holland collection will be provided with this quality mark. Capi Europe is one of the first in the industry to be awarded this label and is delighted with having achieved this important milestone. However, the company foresees even more opportunities to fully realise its sustainable vision. ‘This is only the beginning!’ says owner Toine van de Ven.

Designer flower pot made of 100% waste

The many pros of the new Waste Collection by Capi Europe

The flower pots in the Capi Waste Collection are made of 100% waste. The raw materials used include fishing nets, waste cork and recycled Capi flower pots. This nicely clears up waste and even adds to the beauty of the flower pots. And that’s not all.

Rainwater sollutions

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