Interior trends 2021

Natural look

A real interior trend in 2021 is a natural look in combination with sustainability. Our Made in Holland Nature collection is the perfect fit for this trend. Get your own mini jungle with some large plants or just mix and match until you have the perfect combination. Would you like to introduce this look into your home but on the other hand, you would also like to keep things simple? Just pick one eye-catcher in your interior. You’ll see, this will fit both: the natural trend and a harmonious, balanced style. The Capi Made in Holland Nature collection is available in 3 different styles: Clay, Rib and Row.

Blending inside and out

Connect your interior to nature. Get some inspiration from the architecture and surrounding environment and create this urban, natural look inside. This trend is easily to follow with the Made in Holland Urban collection. These planters have a smooth design and a no-nonsense look and feel, so they are exactly what you are looking for with this trend. Escape from your busy, daily life and enjoy the extraordinary design and nature in your own home. The Capi Made in Holland Urban collection is available in 2 styles: Smooth and Tube.


Sustainability is and will become more important every day. We as Capi Europe are very aware of this trend. The production of our Made in Holland collection takes place in Tilburg, The Netherlands and these flower pots are produced in a 100% climate-neutral process. You can recognize them by the orange colour inside. This colourful interiors feature a unique double-walled layer of insulation, which protects plant’s roots. Besides, the planters are also incredibly beautiful. They will really brighten up your interior, garden, balcony and terrace and there is a fit for every style.