Rain Barrel Clay NL

Design rain barrel for a water-friendly garden. The climate is changing and the weather is becoming more extreme with all of the associated negative consequences. To help maintain a water-friendly garden, Capi has developed this rainwater tank. Thanks to the Capi Rain Barrel Clay NL, you will not only add a beautiful and practical product to your garden, but also contribute to biodiversity. The barrel has been produced sustainably in the Netherlands. It has an extraordinary look thanks to the Clay texture and is also available as planter.

Rainwater is soft and that’s good for your plants. You also save on tap water. And that’s good for everyone.

This product has the following characteristics: – 130 litres – Easy to install – Built-in debris filter – Including planter – Summer and winter setting – 100% recyclable

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Product properties of Capi Rain Barrel Clay NL:

  • Capacity 130 liters
  • Easy installation
  • Built in leaf filter
  • Including planter
  • Summer & winter setting: Please make sure that you empty out the rain barrel before the temperatures drop below 0 °C. Water expands when it freezes, which can cause the barrel to break. You can close the rain barrel from water by converting the connection to the winter setting. This way, water can no longer run into the barrel.
  • Recyclable


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