Outdoor Vase Tapered Round Rib

This lightweight planter features a special texture that we call ‘Rib’. Rib refers to the ribbed structure of the planter. The inspiration for this planter comes from nature, like all other textures of our design planters. The planter is available in a classic, light ivory colour, as well as in charcoal.

The Nature Rib collection by Capi offers several special shapes. In addition to the traditional round planters, this series has features rectangular versions. The square and rectangular models give a modern touch to the surroundings.

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All planters in the Capi Lux collection are frost-resistant. There is a drainage hole in the bottom, allowing any excess water to run out. Please make sure, however, to keep the planter away from the ground by using planter feet, for example.

You can use this planter indoors as well, by adding a plastic inside pot.
Would you like to bring this Nature Rib planter into your home? No problem! The Capi outdoor planters can also be used indoors. Please make sure, however, to place the plant in a plastic inside pot, to prevent the water from running out of the drainage hole.

3-years warranty
This planter has a 3-year warranty against production errors. If anything should go wrong with your planter within that time, or if you have a question, please contact our service department.

Product characteristics of Nature Rib:

  • Frost-resistant (including drainage hole)
  • UV-resistant
  • Lightweight

This series is available in 7 different designs and 2 colours.
Click here for an overview of the Capi Nature Rib collection.


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