Lux Planter Rectangular

This design planter looks like real terrazzo, but is in fact light in weight. The design is handmade, which results in a very high-quality finish. Did you know that a traditional terrazzo planter weighs more than 30 kg? The Capi planters with a terrazzo look, however, only weigh 8 kg!

This planter has an elegant, luxurious appearance. The sleek finish provides a modern and minimalist look. Due to its XXL size, this planter is a real eye-catcher. The handmade planter is available in elegant black and white or in a subtle light grey version.

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All planters in the Capi Lux collection are frost-resistant. There is a drainage hole in the bottom, allowing any excess water to run out. Please make sure, however, to keep the planter away from the ground by using planter feet, for example.

Maintenance products
Several maintenance products are available for the planters in this collection. These products extend the life of your Capi Lux planter. For example, we offer a planter lacquer that will make sure to keep the black colour of your planter as black as possible. The same is true for the cleaning product MAX. Click here to view the full range of maintenance products.

3-years warranty
This planter has a 3-year warranty against production errors. If anything should go wrong with your planter within that time, or if you have a question, please contact our service department.

Product characteristics of Capi Lux:

  • Frost-resistant (including drainage hole)
  • UV-resistant
  • Lightweight

Click here for an overview of the Capi Lux Terrazzo collection.


Article number: Lux 961/962/963/965/964 EAN: Warranty (years): Dimension: Category: