Planters for outdoors from Capi Europe

Planters for outdoors

At Capi Europe, we think it important that an outdoor planter offers a good basis for the plant or flower that it will contain. That is why we use natural colours and textures to make sure our planters fit into your garden in the best way possible.

Our outdoor flower pots are weather resistant. So the plants can stay outside in the winter. It is important that the planter is off the ground, for example on planter feet.

Shapes and sizes

Because every outside area is different, we believe it is important to offer a really wide range of shapes and sizes. Round, square, oval and rectangular are the shapes you will find in our collections. From small pots for cheerful flowers to large planters for sumptuous exotics.


The planters in our Capi Tutch collection have an insulation layer inside the planter. This ensures that your plant is protected in the winter against frost and in the summer against heat.

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