Thuja Plicata ‘Forever Gold’

Thuja Plicata

Thuja plicata ‘Forever Goldy’ is a compact version of the giant cedar tree.

How to take care of a Thuja Plicata?

It is a beautiful, evergreen, medium-sized, fast-growing conifer with a straight trunk and a bushy, cone-shaped appearance. In spring and summer, the leaves are scaly, yellow-green to medium-green, turning to beautiful golden-yellow to orange-golden in autumn and winter.

Thuja Plicata can safely be planted in the garden without much preparation. A little manure always helps but even without this, your Thuja Plicata should take root. Lime-rich soil is best and you can also add some lime to poor soil to make it more suitable. In any case, always make sure that there is sufficient moisture and keep in mind that you will have to prune your thuja plicata regularly; up to twice a year.

Location: full sun
Water requirement: average moisture
Flowering period: N/A
Origin: North America
Frost resistant: yes