Capi Urban

Stylish with an urban twist

The Capi Urban collection is a range of idyllic and stylish designer flowerpots. They are made in the Netherlands and available as the Smooth and Tube series. Find out more about this collection on the Capi Urban page

Capi Nature

Inspired by nature

The Capi Nature collection of designer pots is inspired by patterns found in nature. These pots show warmth and are available in the Rib Row and Rock series, and in two new indoor series; Stone and Wood. Discover this collection on the Capi Nature page

Capi Lux

Sleek and contemporary

The Capi Lux collection consists of modern, stylishly designer, handmade pots with very high-quality finishing. View the Terrazzo, White and Heraldry series on the Capi Lux collection page.

Capi Classic

Classic and timeless

The designer flowerpots in the Capi Classic collection are characterised by their Romanesque look. They are timeless classics inspired by European antiquity. Discover this collection on the Capi Classic page.

Capi Made in Holland

Authentic Dutch products

Most of our designer pots are sustainably produced in our own factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The Made in Holland flowerpots are recognisable by their striking orange interiors. In addition to the Dutch accent, these colourful interiors feature a unique double-walled layer of insulation, which protects plant’s roots. This makes these designer flowerpots ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. For more information on the weather resistance of Capi flowerpots and the best uses for them, visit our guarantee page.

The Capi design collection

The Capi Europe collection comprises a wide range of carefully selected and designed flowerpots. Each series is uniquely designed in a range of sizes and colours. Capi Europe offers all styles of flowerpot: no-nonsense, sleek, modern or classic. There’s a Capi design flowerpot suitable for every garden, interior, terrace or balcony. Capi’s flowerpots are available in a range of designs, all of which are extremely lightweight and frost-resistant.

Inspired by the city

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Inspired by modern society

Inspired by the classic old days