Capi Urban


[ur-buh n]/adjective

in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.

Design, Stylish, Basic, Idealistic, Metropolitan

Capi’s urbanisation

The Capi Urban series is a longstanding part of our collection. These Dutch flowerpots are characterised by their modern simplicity. Originally, this series was called Capi Tutch.

The wide variety of designs and colours and the addition of the Capi Tube give this series a real city look, which explains why these flowerpots were renamed as Capi Urban.

Green meets Urban

The Capi Urban series is inspired by city life, but greenery is playing an increasingly important role in urban areas. We like to make cities greener by creating all sorts of city gardens and planting balconies with all kinds of plants, while small gardens and roof terraces are also becoming ever greener. Capi Urban reflects this trend perfectly. Our Urban series gives greenery a place in the city, but also brings the city to you. The Urban flowerpots are designed to be modern and simple and have a no-nonsense look.

A wide range of shapes and colours are included in the Urban series. The Urban series itself is subdivided into the Smooth range, with its smooth, sleek design, which has been part of the Capi collection for many years. In fact, Capi wouldn’t be Capi without it. In addition, there is the new Tube series, with its no-nonsense design based on vertical lines.

Made in Holland


new design, elegant, modern


old school, sleek, modern, retro

Colours and Patterns

The Capi Urban series consists of the no-nonsense Tube and the sleek Smooth. The Tube collection is available in five different colours; ivory, grey, anthracite, black and dark brown. The colour combines with the vertical relief design to give these pots a contemporary look. The sleek Smooth series is available in three basic colours; black, grey and brown. This forms the perfect basis for every look. View the entire collection to find out more about the different Urban designs.

Tube Elegant Ivory

Tube Concrete Grey

Tube Modern Anthracite

Tube Original Black

Tube Stylish Dark Brown

Smooth Concrete Grey

Smooth Original Black

Smooth Natural Brown

Made in Holland flowerpots

Both the Capi Smooth and Capi Tube are entirely Made in Holland. These flowerpots with orange interiors were developed and designed in our own factory in Tilburg. These Dutch pots are characterised by their orange interiors.

They are resistant to frost if used properly, thanks to their unique insulation layer. In addition, they are unbreakable, extremely lightweight and also recyclable. Thanks to these sustainable developments, Capi’s Dutch flowerpots come with a 10-year guarantee.

All Capi Urban series pots can be used both indoors and outdoors.

“Pots with an orange heart.”

Hicham Loukili
Head of production & development Capi Europe

‘We paid particular attention to the design of the Made in Holland line. Although these pots can be used outdoors irrespective of wind and weather, we’ve noticed that more and more customers are using them indoors as a designer object. This is due to their stylish appearance and bright orange interiors, a nod to their Dutch origins.’

‘The responsible use of natural raw materials is more important than ever. The Made in Holland flowerpots are made from plastic and are 100% recyclable. Plastic can easily be recycled and old pots turned into new ones. Another advantage of Dutch production is working with high-quality raw materials.’

‘What makes the Made in Holland pots unique is their double-walled design, which makes them both very strong and extremely light. The composition of the inner layer insulates the plant perfectly against heat and frost. This unique concept and the new factory in Tilburg have fulfilled a long-standing ambition.’

Made in Holland