Capi Nature Stone

New design

Capi Nature Stone is a new model in Capi’s indoor range with a complete pattern that makes these flowerpots real eye-catchers. The Stone pattern is composed of small elongated stones, the relief of which brings them to life in your home. The difference in colours gives the pots an extra-natural effect. As the name Stone implies, this pattern is based on stone, in this case a combination of small pebbles.

Stone outdoor

Stone indoor

Tip from Capi

The stone pattern of the Stone series makes it a striking eye-catcher in your home. These indoor pots are not only attractive for your house plants but also ideal for tending to your fresh herbs. Herbs do more than just brighten up your kitchen, they are healthy too. A fresh parsley or basil plant looks good in a Stone pot on the kitchen windowsill and tastes great in a whole range of dishes.

The Nature Stone series includes a wide range of indoor pots. This pattern is available in 14 different models, in the colours black, ivory and brown, with each colour having its own distinctive style. This makes it fun to combine different colours of Stone for an informal look. You can also create an area that combines different models of Stone flowerpots to show off various plants.

Besides the successful indoor collection of the Stone series, we also added the Stone series to our outdoor collection this year. Different models in the colour ivory. The Stone texture gives the planters an outstanding design. This way you give a special look to your plants in your home or garden.

Stone Modern Anthracite

Stone Elegant Ivory

Stone Stylish Brown

Each pot in the Nature Stone series is handmade and therefore unique with a high level of finishing. The pots are produced and finished with great attention to detail. These indoor pots have no drainage holes but are not 100% watertight either, so always check in advance if the flowerpot is watertight before placing it on certain surfaces. 

In addition to the Stone series, there are a number of other patterns in the Nature line. For example, there are the new Rock and Wood models, as well as the classic Rib and Row. This means that you can always find a flowerpot, or a whole set of flowerpots, to suit your interior.