Capi Nature Groove

New design

Our new Nature Groove collection is inspired, as the name says, by grooves. Especially by the vertical grooves in rocks and mountains that arise from natural changes that occur over the years. A playful and bold collection within our Nature series, inspired by nature’s big changes.

Capi also added a new model planter to its collection, only available in the Groove texture.

2 colours

This planter has a new texture called ‘groove’. It’s a bold texture with clean lines available in two colours: ivory and anthracite. The ivory coloured planters look playful and lively. The planters with an anthracite colour have the same playful effect, but also look a bit bold.

Groove Modern Anthracite

Groove Elegant Ivory

These indoor flowerpots are all handmade and each pot is therefore unique. All feature high-quality finishing. In addition, these pots are extremely lightweight, making them very easy to use. However, you’ll never have to worry about these pots falling over, because the potting soil weighs the pot down and keeps it securely in place. These indoor pots have no drainage holes but are not guaranteed to be 100% watertight.

In addition to the Nature Groove, the Nature indoor series features many other natural patterns, such as the Wave & Loop models or the classic RibRow, Stone & Wood designs. This means that you can always find one that suits your taste.