Capi Nature Clay

2 colours

The Capi Urban collection is available in two new colours:

Modern Anthracite
Elegant Ivory

New design

The series Capi Nature Clay is a new texture in our Made in Holland collection. Clay is an outstanding appearance. A raw texture, but easy to adjust in every interior because of its new colours.

The Clay collection is based on nature at its purest form.

Our Clay collection is a new texture in our Made in Holland collection. The ‘Clay’ texture is inspired by cracked clay soil. It shows the process of nature where solid clay dries out and cracks. One of nature’s many forms, just like the other textures in our Nature collection.

The Nature Clay collection is available in 2 models and in two new colours: ivory and anthracite.

Made in Holland

Colours & Structures

Clay Modern Anthracite

Clay Elegant Ivory

The anthracite flowerpot is easy to use as either a stylish or robust addition to your home. The ivory flowerpot has a somewhat softer look, because of the way it contrasts with the plant. This colour gives the pot more of an Urban feeling.

In addition to the Nature Clay, the Capi Nature ‘Made in Holland’-Collection features other patterns, such as the no-nonsense Row and Rock flowerpots, and the playful Rib.

Made in Holland flowerpots

Dutch (Made in Holland) products can be recognised by the flowerpots’ orange interiors.

Pots produced in the Netherlands are not supplied with drainage holes, the advantage being that you can also use these flowerpots indoors. If you wish to place a pot outdoors in your garden or on your balcony or terrace, make sure to drill a drainage hole in the flowerpot, roughly the size of a two-euro coin, ideally. This will allow any excess water in the flowerpot, due to rain, for example, to drain away. If a drainage hole is made, the pot can also withstand freezing temperatures.

“Pots with an orange heart.”

Hicham Loukili
Head of production & development Capi Europe

‘We paid particular attention to the design of the Made in Holland line. Although these pots can be used outdoors irrespective of wind and weather, we’ve noticed that more and more customers are using them indoors as a designer object. This is due to their stylish appearance and bright orange interiors, a nod to their Dutch origins.’

‘The responsible use of natural raw materials is more important than ever. The Made in Holland flowerpots are made from plastic and are 100% recyclable. Plastic can easily be recycled and old pots turned into new ones. Another advantage of Dutch production is working with high-quality raw materials.’

‘What makes the Made in Holland pots unique is their double-walled design, which makes them both very strong and extremely light. The composition of the inner layer insulates the plant perfectly against heat and frost. This unique concept and the new factory in Tilburg have fulfilled a long-standing ambition.’