Capi Nature Row

NEW colours

Two new colours were recently added to the Capi Nature Row range. Alongside the familiar black, grey and ivory, we have added anthracite and dark brown.

Modern Anthracite &
Stylish Dark Brown

Capi’s rhythm

Everyone can see the inspiration for our Row flowerpots; the texture is based on sand drifts on the beach. The broad lines on these pots represent rhythmic waves, which produce a calming effect. The relief in the pattern gives the pot a character all of its own.

The broad lines of Row flowerpots create a calm yet playful effect, both indoors and outdoors. This striking pattern enhances the appearance of the plant.

Row Made in Holland – indoor & outdoor 

Row Indoor

The Capi Row series is part of the Capi Nature series and all of the flowerpots in this series are inspired by different aspects of nature. The Capi Nature Row is easy to combine thanks to its broad pattern.

This series is available in various colours, so there is a suitable flowerpot for every environment. Row pots are available in black, grey, ivory, anthracite and dark brown. The black flowerpot has a calm, classic look, while its anthracite sibling produces a more playful effect. If you really want to be at one with nature, choose the stylish dark-brown flowerpot.

Made in Holland

Row Elegant Ivory

Row Concrete Grey

Row Modern Anthracite

Row Original Black

Row Stylish Dark Brown

Part of the Capi Row series is produced in our own factory in Tilburg. These Made in Holland flowerpots, which have a unique layer of insulation that protects the plant’s roots from frost, are easily identifiable thanks to their striking Dutch-orange interiors. These Dutch flowerpots are also extremely light and unbreakable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Production methods are constantly being improved, in order to produce these flowerpots as sustainably as possible and ensure their quality. Thanks to these developments, these flowerpots come with a 10-year guarantee.


Row Modern Anthracite

Row Elegant Ivory

Row Stylish Brown

In addition to the Nature Row, other patterns are available in the Nature line, such as the no-nonsense Rib and Rock flowerpots, and the playful Stone and Wood designs.