Capi Nature Rib

4 colours

The Capi Nature Rib collection is available in 4 colours:

Elegant Ivory
Modern Anthracite
Original Black
Stylish Dark Brown

Capi’s rhythm

The Capi Rib series features a wavy design, a special ribbed pattern that gives each pot a unique look. The Rib’s texture is inspired by wickerwork with its elegant lines, which creates a rhythmic feel and looks great when applied to Capi pots. The narrow, dancing lines add a playful touch to the natural appearance of these pots.

The Capi Nature Rib has become a real classic in the range.

Rib Made in Holland – indoor & outdoor 

Planter square Rib NL
New size 50x50cm

It is almost impossible to imagine the Rib collection without the square Rib planters. This year, the square planter comes in an even bigger size: 50x50x50 cm. Not only does this size look good with a large plant or high planter dividers, it also sparks with low growing ornamental grasses, a mix of wildflowers, or a small vegetable garden.

Made in Holland

The Capi Rib series is part of the Capi Nature collection. This Nature series is based on natural forms, so a plant in one of these pots stays close to its origins. In addition, this pattern is available in various colours, so there is a flowerpot to suit every situation. Rib flowerpots are available in black, ivory, anthracite and dark brown, different colours which give each flowerpot its own character. The white flowerpot, sold under the name ivory, provides a soft, fresh look. The anthracite flowerpot, on the other hand, looks hip and cool.

Rib Elegant Ivory

Rib Modern Anthracite

Rib Original Black

Rib Stylish Dark Brown

Part of the Capi Rib series is produced in our own factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands. These Made in Holland flowerpots, which have a unique layer of insulation that protects the plant’s roots, are easily identifiable thanks to their striking Dutch-orange interiors. These Dutch flowerpots are also extremely light and unbreakable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Dutch production methods are constantly changing and improving, in order to make production as sustainable as possible and ensure the quality of our flowerpots. Thanks to these developments, our flowerpots come with a 10-year guarantee.

Rib Indoor

Nature Rib – Indoor
New sizes

It’s almost impossible to imagine the Capi collection without the Rib planters. This season, we added new sizes to the Rib Indoor collection. The planters below are now available in 5 different sizes.

Planter Ball Rib – indoor
New sizes
XL 18×16 cm
XXL 24×21 cm

Vase Ball Rib – indoor
New sizes
XL 23×19 cm
XXL 29×25 cm

Rib Modern Anthracite

Rib Elegant Ivory

Rib Stylish Brown

Rib Outdoor