Capi Lux White

Scandinavian White

Fresh, Scandinavian and modern; the very essence of the Capi Lux White. The clean image of the Capi White pot is a combination of its sleek design and white colour. The minimalistic effect really highlights the plant and allows it to come into its own. These simple but elegant white flowerpots are not only adaptable, they always make a statement.

The Lux White series is available in various angular models. Our white square flowerpots are genuine classics; timeless and easy to handle. You can find a suitable spot anywhere for these square flowerpots. Tall, elongated models are also available. These elegant pots are happy to be in the spotlight and are ideal for creating height. Alternatively, you could use the various white pillars in the White series, either in a clean combination with a white pot from the White series or to create contrast by using a pretty pot in a colour such as anthracite. If you’re looking to fill a lot of space, there are low, wide models of imposing white flower planters that never fail to impress. These luxurious pots really come into their own when full of greenery, making them perfect for filling up a wide area or creating a demarcation line in the garden.

The oversized flowerpots in this series might appear to be heavy and robust but in fact they are very lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and use.

The Capi White series is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If you use them indoors, make sure you have a flowerpot insert, because the Lux pots have a drainage hole. This hole drains water from the pot when it is placed outdoors, so that it does not freeze. In frosty conditions, make sure that the pots are not in contact with the ground, for example by using feet, so that the drainage hole works properly and makes the pot frost-resistant. These pots are also UV-resistant and suitable for all weather conditions.