Capi Lux Terrazzo

Terrazzo Look

The Capi Lux Terrazzo has a sleek and smooth design. This modern flowerpot improves any surroundings. 

Despite the simple look and basic colours of these flowerpots, they exude grandeur and luxury, making them the perfect basis for a timeless environment with a strong character.

The Capi Terrazzo is characterised by both its Terrazzo look and extremely light weight. Lux Terrazzo pots, which were inspired by the original, heavy Terrazzo pots, are designed to last a very long time. These pots have become very popular in a short period of time, which is easily explained by the fact that these modern and timeless flowerpots provide the perfect finish to any location. To make these Terrazzo flowerpots somewhat easier to use, they were re-designed in lightweight versions. These feature the same sleek Terrazzo look, while being surprisingly light and easy to handle. Original Terrazzo pots weigh more than 30 kilos, whereas our Capi Lux Terrazzo models weigh just 8 kilos! So, do they blow over in a gust of wind? Not at all, a filling of potting soil and Hydro grains is enough to keep them nice and stable.


The uncompromising black colour creates contrast and a modern appearance. For a softer effect, the range has been extended with a light grey variant, which is somewhat more introverted and has a concrete look.

Terrazzo Original Black

Terrazzo Concrete Grey

Terrazzo-style flowerpots are ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Welcome your guests with a luxurious modern pot at the entrance to your home. Add the finishing touch to your garden with a generous, wide, Terrazzo-style planter. The Lux series is actually perfect for any situation. In addition to the standard sizes and models, this series also features a wide range of oversized flowerpots, including both tall and wide versions. These are ideal for dividing or rearranging your garden. As well as being lightweight, the Terrazzo-style flowerpots are also UV and frost resistant. The drainage hole prevents water accumulating in the pot. Make sure that these flowerpots are not in contact with the ground if it freezes so that the drainage hole works properly. For example, you can use feet for this, which both the pot and plant will appreciate. This series also has a special Capi Care collection of lacquer and maintenance products, to keep your flowerpots looking good even longer.

The Lux Terrazzo is also ideal for indoor use. Its modern but basic design means that it looks at home anywhere. If you do use it indoors, make sure that you have a good flowerpot insert, so that the drainage hole is covered.