Capi Lux Split


A versatile texture. Literally, because this collection has two sides. The Lux Split collection is split in two textures; half smooth and half striped. This combination gives the planters a surprising effect. The colours, white and anthracite, provide the luxe and minimalistic touch.


Done with the striped side? Turn it around to the smooth side.. Or show a bit of both sides! Lots of choices with this Split texture. It is also good for you plants to turn them around from time to time. We all know that plants grow towards light. That is why it is a good idea to rotate the planter every once in a while, to allow to plant to grow more beautiful and even.

It’s also good for the plant’s health; it will thank you for it.

Two sides and two colours

This handmade indoor planter has a two-sided design. The planters from the Lux Split collection are literally split in two textures. A combination of a smooth texture and a striped one. This gives the planters of this series a surprising effect. The two textures on the planters make this series versatile in usage. This way everyone can find a nice spot for the Lux Split collection.

Scandinavian White

Modern Anthracite

These indoor flowerpots are all handmade and each pot is therefore unique. All feature high-quality finishing. In addition, these pots are extremely lightweight, making them very easy to use. These indoor pots have no drainage holes but are not guaranteed to be 100% watertight.

In addition to the Lux Split, the Lux indoor series features many other patterns, such as the new Arc and Stripes models or the classic Heraldry design. This means that you can always find one that suits your taste.