Capi Lux Heraldry

Striking appearance

This new, handmade planter is making an eye-catching appearance in the Lux collection.  The new rust colour adds a vibrant and natural touch to the look and feel of this planter. The beautiful colour is retained by using the highest quality dyes. So feel free to let your planter shine in full sunlight. In combination with the sleek and eye-catching diamond structure, this planter will not go unnoticed.

This modern, handmade planter is a striking appearance in our collection. It sleek and pronounced diamond structure makes this planter a real conversation starter. The Lux Heraldry is perfect as an addition to a busy, green area, but also as a special eye-catcher in a minimalist setting.

Combined with its crisp white or slightly harsher charcoal colour, this planter is a perfect addition to any interior. Modern and minimalist look, perfect for a nice succulent or cactus, for example. This season, the Capi Lux Heraldry was given a big brother. The special diamond structure is also part of a series of outdoor planters in a new rust colour.

The Heraldry indoor series are without drainage hole; the planter may not be 100% waterproof.

Heraldry Outdoor
Antique Rust

Heraldry Indoor
Scandinavian White

Heraldry Indoor
Modern Anthracite

Little and big planters

Our Indoor Heraldry collection has a series of small and big flowerpot for indoor use. The little flowerpots are perfect to create small and cosy corners in your home. Create some piece by using a set of the same models, or variate with different Heraldry models together.

Besides these small flowerpots Heraldry also have a few big models. These big planters have an exclusive look and are classy at the same time. These planters will definitely add some style to your room. The Lux indoor series are extremely lightweighted and easy to use.