Capi Lux



Elegant, Modern,
Grand, Simple

Inspired by luxury living

Modern character

The Capi Lux series is a sleek, modern line of flowerpots with lots of character.

The clean lines and basic colours make the stylish Capi Lux flowerpots easy to use anywhere.




3 year warranty

Lux Terrazzo

modern, sleek, hip

Lux White

Scandinavian, clean

Lux Heraldry

special, diamond, hip

Terrazzo look
The Capi Lux series originated from the demand for luxury, heavy Terrazzo flowerpots. However, these quickly developed into more lightweight versions, which make the flowerpots easier and more convenient to use. After all these years, our Terrazzo-look flowerpots are still very much in demand, which is understandable since they are incredibly stylish and can be used anywhere. The pots create a modern look and feel in any environment. The Terrazzo pots are not only lightweight but also UV and frost resistant, so both the pot and the plant will last much longer.

The Lux Terrazzo is available in modern black and there is also a line of concrete-look flowerpots in grey. To complete the range, an elegant white version called the Lux White was also launched and quickly became very popular.

Terrazzo & White

Terrazzo Modern Black

Terrazzo Concrete Grey

Scandinavian White

XXL Planters
The Capi Lux series includes a number of special shapes. In addition to traditional round and square pots, the Lux Terrazzo and Lux White ranges also include oversized flowerpots. These are available in tall, narrow models, as well as elongated designs. The modern, sleek colours in combination with their unusual sizes make these pots perfect for entrances or separating areas in a garden.


Heraldry NEW Rust

Heraldry Modern White

Heraldry Anthracite

A Capi Lux for everyone
The Lux range of timeless, modern pots has been supplemented with the Heraldry flowerpot. These flowerpots are characterised by their striking diamond patterns and exude modern minimalism. This pot is informal but also exclusive. This year, to supplement the indoor collection, a new rust colour was added for outdoor use. The Heraldry rust is a real treat for the eyes and makes any plant look special.

The designs in this range are perfect for combining with pastel Scandinavian colours. The flat, basic colours really enhance the appearance of plants.