Biodiversity is very important for Capi. With the biodiversity accessories you contribute to nature. With the functional design we are trying to help bird, bees and butterfly’s find a home. Together we can work on a greener future.


Biodiversity homes

The gardens all around the world are slower consisting more and more of stone. And that’s a shame, because insects and birds have less space to do what they are made for. Because a green lifestyle is very important for a lote of people and to help the animals, Capi Europe has designed the biodiversity collection. With the birdhouses, the birdfeeder, the butterflyhouse and the beehotel you can easily create your own biodiversity space. And your garden gets even more beautiful. It makes you happy and it makes the animals happy!

Hive model

Biodiversity has a high priority at Capi Europe. With the biodiversity collection you can help create a more biodiverse garden. This year we introduce the Hive model to our collection. Not only does it look great, it also gives you the possibility to match and connect the different elements of our biodiversity collection.


Besides the Hexagon shape we also have the Oval collection!



Design rain barrel for a water-friendly garden. The climate is changing and the weather is becoming more extreme with all of the associated negative consequences. To help maintain a water-friendly garden, Capi has developed this rainwater tank. Thanks to the Capi Rain Barrel, you will not only add a beautiful and practical product to your garden, but also contribute to biodiversity. The barrel has been produced sustainably. It has an extraordinary look thanks to the many different textures which are also available as planter.

Rainwater is soft and that’s good for your plants. You also save on tap water. And that’s good for everyone.