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Capi Tutch

Dutch design

The Capi Tutch series has the look of rough natural stone. The pots are produced in the Netherlands and available in 7 designs and 5 different colours. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

10 year guarantee

Capi Europe gives a 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects on every product and even a 10-year guarantee on the Capi Tutch collection. If something should happen to the Capi pot during the guarantee period or should the pot show any flaws, do not hesitate to contact us.

Super lightweight

Frost resistant


Insulation layer

Break proof


10 Year Warranty

Pots with an orange heart.”

Hicham Loukili
Head of Production & Development Capi Europe

‘We have paid extra attention to the design of the Tutch line. The pots can stand outside in all weathers, but we also see that the plant pots are increasingly being used indoors as a design object. That is why the Tutch has an urban appearance with a bright orange interior – a nod to its Dutch origin.’

‘Managing natural resources responsibly is more important than ever. The Tutch pots are of polyethylene and 100% recyclable. Polyethylene is easily reusable. Old pots will soon form the basis of new pots. Another advantage of Dutch production is working with quality raw materials.’

‘The unique thing about the made in Holland pots is that they do not consist of one but two layers. That makes the pots enormously strong and extremely light. The inner layer is composed in such a way that it provides the plant with optimum insulation during periods of heat and frost. This unique concept and the new factory in Tilburg have fulfilled a wish.’

Innovative insulation layer

The Tutch® series may certainly be called revolutionary. An entirely new production technique was developed for this collection.

These plastic flowerpots, of Dutch Design, stand out due to their beautiful, natural appearance. The modern design in combination with unique characteristics such as unbreakable, lightweight, frost and UV resistance, make these flowerpots suitable for any garden, patio or interior. The flowerpots are recognisable by the distinctive orange colour on the inside of the pots. Furthermore, all flowerpots are double-walled, ensuring good insulation. The roots of your plants will therefore remain cool in summer and will not suffer too much from frost during winter.