Capi Nature | flowerpots and flower planters by Capi Europe

Capi Nature

RIB series

Pots with a natural rib structure. 15 designs in 3 colours. View the series

New! ROW series

Pots with a layered structure. 6 designs in 3 colours. View the series

New! BRIX series

Pots with a natural stone structure. 5 designs.
View the series

Handmade pots

The Nature collection was inspired by shapes and structures from nature whereby plants become one with these pots. The pots are handmade, which ensures that each piece is given a different appearance. Each pot is unique.

Weather resistance

The pots are UV, frost and weather resistant, and they are also lightweight. It is, however, important that the pot is standing off the ground in frosty weather. Also, ensure that the drainage hole at the base of the pot is always clear so that water cannot remain behind in the pot.

3 year guarantee

Capi Europe gives a 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects on every product. If something should happen to the Capi pot during the guarantee period or should the pot show any flaws, do not hesitate to contact us. We will then provide a suitable solution. Most of our pots are frost resistant. They are only frost resistant, however, when the pot has a drainage hole.