Capi Indoor flowerpots by Capi Europe

Capi Indoor

Indoor flowerpots

Create the same atmosphere both indoors and out! The popular structures of our outdoor collection are also available for indoor flowerpots. We have further expanded our indoor collection with colourful rib structured pots. Available in purple and yellow.

Mini flowerpots

For (mini) houseplants. Available in various models and sizes in the colours ivory, black, white and anthracite. Now also available in yellow and purple!

Diamond structure

Indoor pots in various sizes and models with a beautiful diamond structure! The structure conjures up images of pineapple, lychees or pomegranate. The graphic structure from smaller to larger areas ensures a rugged look. Available in white and black.

Bark structure

Two different indoor pot models with a unique structure derived from tree bark. The pot is made in such a way that the bark looks real. You only notice that the bark is not real when you touch the pot or want to move it! Available in white and in various sizes.



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