Capi Classic



Characteristic of Greek and Roman antiquity, very typical of its kind.

Romantic, Countryside, Timeless, Decorative

Inspired by European antiques.

Ornamental flowerpots

Capi Classic pots are very decorative, in the classic sense, as the name implies. There is a Roman style to these flowerpots, which gives your home a classic feel and a new dimension. These ornamental pots have a very distinctive appearance

and their subtle ivory colour and authentic decorative edging makes them timeless. They give any plant a soft, classic edge.

Romantic models
If you’re looking for romance, look no further than the Capi Classics. Instead of bright white, the Capi Classic collection of flowerpots has an off-white ivory colour with a faded look. As a result, these flowerpots look like they come straight from history. The ivory colour also gives these pots a timeless air. There are five different models in the Classic collection, three of which have attractive, classic edging, which softens the pots and enhances the appearance of the plant. These pots are beautiful to use as decorative pieces in a rural garden or on a classic terrace. In addition, there are two vase models on a stand, which are perfect next to an entrance, for example. These flowerpots provide you and your guests with a warm and romantic welcome. When combined with a beautiful flowering plant, these classic flowerpots create an oasis of bliss.

Structures & Details

Ivory French Vase

Ivory Planter

Ivory French Vase Low

Classic, irrespective of the weather
The Capi Classic collection is UV and frost resistant, so ideal for outdoor use. The pots have drainage holes, so water cannot accumulate in the pot. Make sure that these flowerpots are not in contact with the ground if it freezes, so that the drainage hole works properly. You could use pot feet, for example. In addition, these pots are lightweight and therefore easy to handle. However, you never have to worry about the pots falling over, because the potting soil and Hydro grains weigh the pots down and keep them securely in place! The Capi Classic collection comes with a 3-year guarantee covering manufacturing defects.