Tips Capi Europe, how to take care of your planters and flowers

Instructions for use

  1. Fill the planter one third with Hydro grain and two thirds with potting soil.

  2. Make sure that the soil cannot clog the drainage hole. This can be done by laying mesh on the bottom. In this way, the water can run off and there is no risk that the planter breaks or ruptures in frost.

  3. Next, fill 1/3 of the planter with Hydro grains. This allows for better water management in the planter so that your plants grow better.

  4. Then fill the planter with potting soil. You can choose to sprinkle a layer of Hydro grains on the potting soil. This has a decorative effect and ensures that the top layer of the potting soil will dry out less rapidly.

If the planter is filled, you may not drag it around. The weight of the Hydro grain and the potting soil could cause the planter to rupture.

Download here our filling tips!