Guarantee - Capi Europe

10 years warranty

Capi Europe gives a 3-year guarantee on every product and a 10-year warranty against manufacturing errors on the Tutch collection. If, during the guarantee period, something should happen with a Capi planter or if it shows any defect, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall find an appropriate solution.

Most of our planters are frost resistant. Only frost resistant if the planter has a drainage hole. However, it is important that the planter is off the ground in frost. If the planter has no feet, it must be placed on a shelf or mat during frost. In addition, ensure that the hole at the bottom of the planter remains free so that no water can remain in the planter. Water expands when freezing and can mean that the planter breaks or tears.

If the planter is filled, you may not drag it around. The weight of the Hydro grain and the potting soil could cause the planter to rupture.

Articles from our indoor collection are made by hand and they cannot therefore be guaranteed as 100% waterproof. It is important to test this out at home first.

If there is something wrong with your planter or if you have a question: Please send a mail to or phone +31 (0) 13-5115050.