Capi Stuff

Outdoor decoration

Every garden needs accessories to spruce up the terrace or balcony. That’s why Capi Europe offers a range of outdoor accessories that seamlessly match our various flowerpot collections. For example, Capi’s range includes a nice spherical oil lamp in different sizes for outdoor use, as well as sturdy, black bowls to elegantly decorate your garden table.

Outdoor oil lamps

Oil lamps are indispensable when it comes to creating the right garden atmosphere in the evening. Capi Europe’s solution is its spherical oil lamp, which is made of real terrazzo and is therefore weather-resistant. This black oil lamp is available in three sizes. You can place two big and sturdy lamps next to each other or create an interesting combination with different sizes.

Outdoor oil lamps add an elegant yet no-nonsense touch to your garden. In addition, they make great mood lighting, thanks to the beautiful flames in the lamps themselves. Please be careful if there are children around! We recommend placing oil lamps out of children’s reach.

You will obviously need wicks for our oil lamps, so you can continue to enjoy them all year round. Capi stocks short wicks for small and medium-sized oil lamps, and longer wicks for large oil lamps.

Garden table decorations
Our timeless bowl is the best way to decorate a table. This elegant black bowl can be used for various purposes: it can be filled with fruit on a warm summer’s day or hold water for birds to drink. It makes it simple to create beautiful garden-table decorations. Like our spherical oil lamps, this bowl is made of terrazzo and is therefore sturdy and weather resistant. If the temperature drops below zero, however, make sure that no water remains in the bowl, because ice could cause it to break.