Capi Care

Extend the life of our products with the best maintenance products. The pots in our outdoor collection are frost resistant but a pot can only withstand frost if it has a drainage hole. In addition, it is important that the pot is kept off the ground in frosty conditions. If the pot has a flat bottom, it can be placed on pot feet. Capi Europe supplies round feet for round pots and square feet for square or rectangular planters.

Weather conditions over time or minor damage may have an adverse effect on the product. Capi Care’s maintenance products remove slight blemishes and completely restore an item’s original colours and deep shine.


Flowerpot coating
The flowerpot coating was especially developed for our black lightweight terrazzo products. The coating completely restores the intense deep black colour.
The MAX maintenance and safety product cleans the flowerpot and repels dirt.

Terrazzo Care
Our stain barrier and Chinese ink were designed for heavy terrazzo products. The stain barrier is an impregnating agent that prevents stains. The black Chinese ink makes it possible to restore the intense black colour of terrazzo products.

Pot inserts
With our pot inserts, you can use outdoor pots indoors. If you have a pot with a drainage hole, you should not use it indoors without an insert, otherwise water may damage your surfaces or floor. A flowerpot with a drainage hole must therefore always have an insert when used indoors.

Our pots produced in the Netherlands can be used indoors without an insert, because they are supplied without drainage holes. Please note: if you wish to use these pots outdoors, you will need to drill drainage holes yourself. These holes should be roughly the size of a two-euro coin.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your flowerpot or planter, please contact our service manager. We can be contacted on workdays between 08:00 and 17:00 by calling +31 (0)13 5115050 or e-mail