Corporate story

Capi Europe products must be honest and grow with the customer, just like our company. In 1997, Toine van de Ven started a one-man business in Udenhout, in the Dutch province of Brabant. He set to work with enormous pleasure, producing his concrete statues and ornaments. It was a big step from tiny Udenhout to the enormous Asia. His enterprising character quickly allowed Toine to import heavy terrazzo from Vietnam. And he never let his customers lift the heavy products themselves.

Optimistic people have the courage to think ahead. Toine translated the look and feel of his heavy flower pots into lightweight versions with various textures. With his service, honesty and innovation, Toine was able to make Capi into one of the most original European companies in flower pots. Progress is embedded in the genes of Capi Europe. And now too we remain future driven, thinking and working in an innovative way, but always based on our long experience. Our story, and that of Toine, has only just started.


Capi Europe today creates unusual planters for indoors and out. Our products are known for their light weight and unique design, in all shapes and sizes. Are known, too, for their resistance to frost, UV and moisture. But also known for our long warranties and affordability. Each Capi Europe product is unique: recognisable by the high level of finish and the natural allure. Our plastic flower pots are indistinguishable from real pottery.

Just as our planters protect the flowers and plants, so Capi Europe considers it important to protect the environment. Responsible production is our priority. It is not coincidental that Capi Europe has an orange logo: we work from the Netherlands in order to avoid unnecessary transport costs. For our Capi Made in Holland collection, we use recyclable material. And we are the only company in the world with a national, personal and unique method of rotation moulding. In this way, we save up to 80% energy during the production. The plastic flower pots that we produce in the Netherlands can be found in our Capi Made in Holland collection.


By bringing back the production from China to the Netherlands, Capi Europe proves that it is manufacturing in a future-driven, environmentally and labour friendly way. Our designers are still based in Brabant. They oversee the typical Capi Europe style in the head-office in Tilburg. And in this way, we can work in the best possible way on our plastic planters, for the factory is right behind the office!

Capi employees look to the future. There are long, energetic work relationships, in which everybody participates and contributes. Our colleagues are now studying the possibility of taking in old Capi products and recycling them. Thanks to the dedication of our employees, we were nominated for the 2014 BORT prize and Capi Europe also received support from the Incentive Fund.

Building on and growing towards the future cannot happen without people. Our customers do not only want to know where their purchase originates and how it is manufactured, they also want to know who the people are behind Capi Europe. We are fully aware of the changing labour market in the Netherlands. Together with apprenticeship training company Diamant, Capi Europe is fully involved in job opportunity projects. In this way, we help the long-term unemployed and people with a disability gain experience and a job.


Just as in the early days, Capi Europe still distinguishes in honesty, innovation and service. We protect plants and flowers with our products, but we continue to grow ourselves. And in this way we protect the story of Toine van de Ven. And a Capi Europe Made in Holland product has a sustainable lifetime ahead.